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Help Eliminate The Unfair Fuel Tax

As you may know, we have been advocating for a change in the fuel tax regulations for golf facilities. Currently golf facilities that purchase fuel in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador pay a “road tax’ on this fuel. As most of your vehicles do not use the road network it is an unfair burden to force you to pay this tax.

Over the past months we have provided you with a letter which we asked you to send to your finance minister. We are now asking you to reach out to your local member of Provincial legislature. It is always a great idea to make a connection with your local representative through a call or visit. By sending this letter you are making them aware of the issue and this will enable a discussion when you do make contact.

When in contact with your local representative it is suggested you touch on the following;

  • Golf vehicles, similar to agriculture and forestry do not use the road network that this tax supports. Those industries do not pay this road tax on fuel.
  • Prince Edward Island has removed this tax which allows those facilities to operate at lower cost. These golf facilities are in our very competitive market and all facilities should be on a level field.
  • This reduction in fuel taxes would allow golf facilities to allocate those funds to capital improvements and possibly more staff.

Please see below for links to the letters we ask you to send to your representatives. If you have any questions please contact me at 866-626-4262 ext. 26 or