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Golf Invitational


A Late Summer Break From Your Busy Schedules

All across Canada, members of the NGCOA Canada gather annually in late summer and early fall to take a break from their standard 18+ hour days to enjoy some time to unwind, network with good friends and peers, and connect once more with key suppliers.

These chapter Golf Invitationals accomplish what the NGCOA Canada does best – they create a sense of community among Canadian golf course operators, allowing for the exchange of new ideas and ways to grow your business.

They are also a great opportunity to recognize key staff that has worked tirelessly throughout the season so be sure to bring them along!

2022 Calendar of Events

Chapter Date Location Register
Southwestern Ontario October 6 Sunningdale Golf & Country Club click here
British Columbia October 11 One Under click here
Eastern Ontario/Outaouais August 4 Nation Golf Club  Event Recap Video
Alberta August 15 Blue Devil Golf Club Event Recap Video
Central Ontario September 19 Kawartha Golf & Country Club Event Recap Video
Québec September 20 Le Parcours du Vieux Village Event Recap Video