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Welcome to Golf

helping to get your business in front of your customers…

The NGCOA Canada has developed the following FREE OF CHARGE consumer outreach program exclusively for our membership to help Grow Your Business. Take advantage of the opportunity the Welcome to Golf program can bring to your course and register to participate each year. 

For more information please contact Jordan Vizena, Membership & Grow The Game Manager at 866-626-4262 extension 32.


The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) Canada is excited to launch its newest program, Welcome To Golf, intended to attract and introduce non-golfing adults to member facilities.

This program, will provide a pathway to help more people interested in golf to become comfortable at your facility resulting in more people playing the game. 

Welcome to Golf is an opportunity for a non-golfer, interested in the game; to experience a walkthrough of your facility, make connections with other newcomers, and get comfortable at the course to return on their own to play a round or take a lesson.

What does a Golf Course Walkthrough Experience Look Like?

During an ‘Open House’ concept, the 30-60 minute walkthrough is your opportunity to help newcomers become comfortable, accepted, and confident at the golf course. The beginner tour could include important elements like learning how to book a tee time; how to check-in; how to strap a bag on a cart; where and how to use the practice green; and so on. The Welcome to Golf program creates new golfers, rather than students, and becomes the first step in the golfer journey at the course.

What You Will Receive

We will help make your event a success with a complete guide on setting up your Open House Walkthrough, with proven best practices from operators, a marketing tool kit including social media assets, web banners, email templates, posters, etc. We will be with you every step of the way! 

How to Get Involved

No Cost to Participate…REGISTER your course today!