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Compensation & Benefits Report

world-class industry research & strategic guidance

Maximizing the investment return at your facility through world-class industry research & strategic guidance to help you make informed decisions is a high priority for NGCOA Canada.


The NGCOA Canada Compensation & Benefits Report is an important tool for your salary negotiations. The information contained in this valuable 40+ page report provides compensation and benefits information on 14 specific management positions broken down by size and type of facility, gross revenues, tax status, and geographical location.

The data represents accurate and up-to-date compensation data within the industry and offers insights that can help owners and operators develop compensation and benefits plans that will help decrease turnover and training costs. 

The user-friendly tables will make it easy for you to scroll down find what you should be paying for management positions based on your geographical locations, size and type of facility.

The Report includes:
•    compensation data;
•    pay administration practices;
•    payment of gratuities, bonuses, and incentives;
•    scope of benefit programs;
•    working arrangements (ex. seasonal employment);
•    training, supervision, conformity to labour laws;
•    identification of attraction and retention issues and other organizational challenges.

Don’t be without this important business tool! It will help ensure that your negotiations are solid and that you are minimizing your turnover, a costly endeavour for any business owner.

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