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Operator's Corner - Facebook Group

Welcome to Operators' Corner - NGCOA Canada Members Only!

Operators' Corner is a Closed Facebook group exclusively for golf course owners and operators in Canada who are members of National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) Canada. This exclusive online community serves as a dedicated space for you to openly discuss the various challenges and opportunities that arise in the day-to-day operations of your golf courses.
Group Rules

Exclusive Membership: Operators’ Corner is a closed group, providing access solely to NGCOA Canada members who are owners, operators, and employees at Canadian golf courses. Please note that to maintain the focus of the group, NGCOA Canada affiliates and supplier partners are not included as members. 

A Hub for Discussion: This group is your go-to destination to reach out for contacts, gather valuable advice, and discuss the pressing issues affecting our industry. Share your experiences, insights, and questions with fellow members who understand your unique perspective. Please Note: Operators' Corner is a place for sharing your passion for the golf industry and offering support to one another, rather than a platform for advertising or posting commercial content. Selling products or services is not permitted on this site.

Member Approval: To maintain the integrity of our community, new members must be approved by our group administrators to ensure that all group members are active NGCOA Canada members.

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