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Best Practices

Food & Beverage

Use ‘call-ahead, take-out’ or to-go service.

Consider designating a 'no-contact' pick up spout outside your restaurant's main doors.

Consider ‘tap’ credit and debit card payments to reduce hand-to-hand contact.

If you do accept cash, ensure that all staff wear protective gloves

Ensure beverage carts are cleaned and sanitized before reuse; sanitize all touch-points of both employee and customer.

Maintain a proper log book with customer contact information

Follow all current provincial guidelines with regards to room capacity limits, differences between indoor and outdoor specific guidelines, staff PPE requirements, # of customers at a table, need for customers to be seated at all times, etc. 

Based on your provincial and federal government recommendations and orders, communicate with members and the public on the actions you are taking; reminding them that you will strictly adhere to guidelines established by local, provincial and federal governments. Click here for the NGCOA Canada template that you can download and edit to meet your needs.

Place appropriate signage outside the pro-shop and clubhouse entries briefly outlining the social distancing guidelines in place.

Promote physical distancing by marking the ground to indicate where it is safe to stand.

Provide clear professional signage informing guests of operational changes and encourage recommended sanitation practices.

Increase the frequency of cleaning, sanitation and disinfecting of all locations, especially high traffic areas such as counter surfaces, tables, public restrooms, door handles, golf carts, flagpoles, and more.

Educate staff on hygiene, sanitation and food handling, and its impact of preventing the spread of communicable diseases.

Increase the number of hand sanitizer stations throughout the clubhouse, especially entry points and lobby.

Regularly sanitize equipment and provide customers with reminder signage and supplies necessary for post-use cleaning. 

Increase the frequency of HVAC system filter changing, and recommend more frequent cleaning.

Follow provincial guidelines with regards to when and what capacity locker rooms can be opened for golfers
Golf Operations
Consider accepting only online or call ahead pre-paid green fees. Eliminate any walk-ups or cash payments. Update your website to indicate this.
If accepting green fees at the pros shop, consider ‘tap’ credit and debit card payments to reduce hand-to-hand contact.

Consider a process to allow booking extras with online tee-time bookings allowing for prepayment of range baskets, etc. which can be prepared ahead of time and placed in a designated area for pick-up limiting social interaction.

Consider providing designated tee-times for two-some requests such as evening tee-time slots.
Consider removing all merchandise items, normally smaller accessories, from your counter and place them out of reach of any customers that may be inside.

Restrict the number of people inside the pro shop at any given time.

Consider increasing tee-time intervals to further increase the social distancing protocols.

Limit the amount of time a golfer may arrive at the course prior to their tee-time

Consider having a player’s assistant/marshal tour the golf course to make sure players are practicing physical distancing

Encourage golfers to walk.

Follow the provincial guidelines for golf carts for golfers and be sure to properly sanitize carts (power and pull) after every use. NOTE: In Ontario for the 2021 season, Face Masks are mandatory if multiple golfers in a Cart, (click here for NGCOA Canada signage for you to post)

Encourage golfers and staff to refrain from handshakes or any other contact.

Remove bulk scorecard, pencil, and tee holders from starter areas. Only issue when requested.
Remove ball washers or tape them shut.

Remove or disconnect water fountains or coolers; consider offering bottled water only.

Remove bunker rakes.

Direct players to leave the pin in the cup at all times, consider installing a hands free ball retrieval option on each hole, raising the cup 1" above the putting surface, inserting the cup upside down, etc. to reduce surface contamination.
Consider closing every-other driving range bay to increase social distancing.

Bring range ball baskets into the pro shop to wipe down handles and provide sanitizer next to ball dispensers so people can wipe the handles down themselves along with signage to help people remember to do it.

Consider adding a hand washing station at the driving range with reminder signage.

Ensure range balls are cleaned thoroughly with soap after every pick up prior to making available for customers.

Remove all non-essential devices from the range, such as bag stands or den caddies. Place balls on the range for your customers so they can be accessed using a club.

Minimize contact points on the putting green by using stakes as targets, and/or turn the cups upside down and leave in the hole. Remove all flags and institute a “bring your own practice balls policy.”

Designate one on-course washroom to remain open and allow only one person in at a time
Install hand-washing station outside washroom and require hand washing before entering and after leaving | alternative is hand sanitizer station outside washroom

Clean and sanitize washroom every hour | post signage to notify golfers of sanitation procedures and designated times
Workplace Safety
Educate staff to recognize the symptoms of COVID-19 in each other and your customers.

Establish a communication plan to keep your employees informed and updated on issues affecting the workplace.

Institute a policy that requires employees to tell you when they’ve been exposed to any highly communicable illness, and then direct them to the local health agency for appropriate testing. 

Conduct meetings by phone or online wherever possible. For in-person meetings, ensure safe social distancing (6+ feet) between attendees.

Create a COVID-19 committee for your facility.
Ensure appropriate signage is present throughout your facility.

Provide necessary sanitation supplies and personal protection equipment.

Ensure hand washing signage is present at all wash stations.

Provide hand sanitizer stations for both staff and guests in multiple locations throughout the facility, including golf carts.
Turf & Maintenance
Minimize the number of maintenance staff members working on the course at one time.

Maintain physical distancing guidelines at all times
Assign staff equipment to avoid sharing between employees

Stagger work hours and break hours

Place hand sanitizer throughout maintenance area

Regularly sanitize any surface that is contacted

In the event that equipment must be shared it must be thoroughly sanitized before being used by another employee | steering wheel as well as all areas touched by operators pre and post use as well as radios

Provide surgical grade gloves and PPE to maintenance teams at above normal inventories

In the case of uniforms, requirement that they be laundered prior to each shift

All personal belongings to be removed from maintenance buildings | only access for use of staff washrooms with contact points in an out being sanitized during each use

Team members sit outside or in their vehicles during lunch and/or breaks | All other buildings, rooms and offices are off-limits 

Wipe down and disinfect any tools and equipment at the start of each shift

Wipe down and disinfect washing and fueling station before and after each use

Use existing inventory before ordering and taking delivery of additional products and limit deliveries to when salary employees are onsite

Recommend that all deliveries be wrapped, and weather protected to sit outside for 4 days

Practice handwashing and standard hygiene practices