Golf Industry Guru (GIG)

NGCOA Canada has partnered with Golf Industry Guru (GIG), a premium golf and hospitality online training and education portal. 


GIG provides operators with education, training, tools, templates, and tips from golf and hospitality industry leaders from around the world who will share their expertise and experiences.
Training that is easy to digest, visually appealing and helps educate Millennials and Gen Z’s on topics such as customer service, effective communication, leadership, sales skills, workplace safety and more will be available through GIG.
GIG works for any type and size of golf course and will benefit all positions at the facility. The site will be loaded with various training opportunities that include webinars, podcasts, downloadable templates and one-to-one coaching and can be customized to fit all facilities as well as everyone’s schedules. 


MYGIG VAULT makes GIG the ultimate training, onboarding, and knowledge transfer platform for every team member, in every role, and at every club. MYGIG VAULT provides unlimited users per membership so everyone on your team can access Golf Industry Guru.

MYGIG VAULT offers a uniquely branded, confidential, and password protected location within the GIG platform for all your internal training materials for faster onboarding, more consistent processes, and increased accountability for employees


Special reduced pricing for NGCOA Canada members is being offered at $79 USD per month or $799 USD per year. (Regular prices are $99 USD per month or $999 USD per year).
This means your club has year-round access to exceptional training for literally a few dollars a day.

For more information on Golf Industry Guru (GIG), visit or contact James Cronk, Co-Founder, Golf Industry Guru at 604-889-4707 or


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