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What is it?

  • Suite of innovative business management tools that cut through the copious clutter of information so you can source, track and measure what matters most to your business.
  • Four distinct components:
    • Performance Barometer: measures your progress year-over-year with established Key Performance Indicators; includes detailed revenue, expense and balance sheet lines as well as an estimate of value
    • Customer Perceptions: online surveys tailored to your course, tell you what your customers like and what may stick in their craw;  focuses your energies where they are needed most
    • Competitive Market Forces: analyzes your competition so you can set pricing and packaging with confidence; additional insights help you target your marketing  
    • Operational Vital Signs: compares the details of your operations and finances to comparable facilities so you know where to cut and where to spend
  • Available on an a la carte basis or comprehensive tool kit that includes all services and reports plus a customized and interactive online portal with document repository and library of resources & insights.

How does it work?

  • PI gathers your financial and operational data - provided to Global Golf Advisors (GGA) in the accounting format you already use.
  • PI helps you identify the causes and sources of critical issues you face.  
  • PI then examines the issues for its effect on your bottom line.
  • GGA then sources, collects, analyzes and presents important business intelligence and insights to each PI subscriber focusing on:
    • your customers
    • your competitive market
    • your operations

What’s in it for you?

  • Actionable intelligence for decision making - providing helpful benchmarks and opportunities identified for improvement.
  • Clearly conveyed metrics to help identify successes, challenges, and opportunities
  • PI helps you determine optimal pricing, track customer satisfaction, identify opportunities in your P&L, establish KPIs to measure bottom line revenue, cash flow, rounds, etc.

What will it cost?

  • Special pricing for NGCOA Canada members.

Contact Michele Klecha, Director at Global Golf Advisors, at 888-432-9494 or today to learn more and to enroll.



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