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Save Your Valuable Time and Money!

Deluxe Payroll offers their Time and Attendance software, which is a robust Workforce Management solution to manage your employee’s time and attendance, employee’s schedule, time-off requests and automatically calculate Statutory Holiday and Overtime Pay. Deluxe Payroll’s Time and Attendance solution is fully integrated with payroll and seamlessly ensures efficient and accurate processing. 

Deluxe Payroll is the perfect solution to:
• Reduce costs
• Increase efficiency
• Ensure compliance
• Increase accuracy
• Increase accessibility

NGCOA Canada members enjoy exclusive savings of 50% off the 'base run' as well as 30% discount per employee with Deluxe Payroll.

As the official payroll partner, Deluxe Payroll provides you with a dynamic, online solution that allows you to process your payroll anywhere and anytime. It offers you real time calculation, warning prompts before closing, over 50 different reports and they handle your source deduction remittances to the government. Deluxe Payroll also takes care of your Direct deposits or cheques, your ROE’s, T4's, and other year-end documents.

Deluxe Payroll offers NGCOA Canada members:
• Flexible deposit options
• Filing of Government Remittances directly to CRA
• Pay Statement options
• Unlimited ongoing support
• Over 50 free reports such as GL summary report, source deduction remittance report, vacation accrual report, E.I. Record of Employment detail and many more!

NGCOA Canada Thanks Our Platinum Partners