NGCOA Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with Falcon Retail Inc. - Yelp WiFi

OTTAWA, Ontario - June 14, 2018 - The NGCOA Canada is pleased to announce that Falcon Retail Inc. - Yelp WiFi is the newest company to join the NGCOA Canada’s Golfmax Purchasing Program. Through this partnership Falcon Retail Inc. will provide each member with a savings of 40% on their monthly services

“The NGCOA Canada is continuously looking to partner with innovative companies that are finding new ways to help our members expand their marketing potential. As a Golfmax supplier our members will receive significant savings in a new space within our purchasing program. The NGCOA Canada is proud to partner with Falcon Retail.” said Ryley Scott, Acting Director, Golfmax and Business Development for NGCOA Canada.

Falcon’s WiFi Marketing Technology – powered by Yelp WiFi –  enables golf course owners to transform their guest WiFi into a powerful marketing asset; bridging the gap between the connected consumer and the golf course. In addition it helps golf course owners get a better understanding of who their clients are and how to enhance the relationship with customized announcements, promotions, rewards and loyalty programs.

“We are excited to be partnering with NGCOA Canada and working to help its members unlock the value of their commercial WiFi networks,” said Barry MacDonald, President of Falcon Retail. “As a partner, we will work together with NGCOA Canada to educate and empower golf course owners and their decision-makers on the importance of WiFi Marketing and its power to turn the cost of offering free WiFi into a highly effective marketing and loyalty program to increase sales, ultimately improving their bottom-line.”

For specific details on this program, please contact Ryley Scott, Acting Director of Golfmax & Business Development for the NGCOA Canada at: 866-626-4262 extension 19 or email


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