NGCOA Canada partners with the Canadian PGA on Rounds Played Benchmarking program

For Immediate Release:
August 3, 2010
Ottawa, ON - We are pleased to announce that in our continued efforts to strengthen and expand our benchmarking efforts for the Canadian golf industry, we have joined with the Canadian PGA on our rounds played program. This project tracks various operational revenue sources, many of which are managed through the pro shop and it is our belief that this new partnership with the Canadian PGA will assist in generating greater participation in the program leading to more robust comparative data that will benefit the entire industry.

The current program is easy to use by any type of facility and provides reports never before seen in the Canadian golf industry. Similar to the Star Report from the hotel industry, participating golf courses can compare their monthly / yearly performance to that of their competitive set. Individual course data is kept confidential however the program groups similar type operations within a defined area and allows courses to analyze their performance next to a group of similar courses on a regional, provincial and national platform. The data inputting process takes less than five minutes and the immediate comparative reports become an invaluable business tool for golf course operators.

“The NGCOA Canada is thrilled to have the Canadian PGA as a full partner on our Rounds Played Benchmarking program,” states Jeff Calderwood, CEO, National Golf Course Owners Association Canada. “The golf professionals are an integral part of the golf operation and having them as partners will help us grow and further develop this invaluable business tool being offered to golf courses throughout Canada.”

“The Canadian PGA is pleased to enter into yet another industry partnership with the NGCOA Canada following the successful efforts of 2010’s “Get Golf Ready” and “Take a Kid To the Course” programs. Canadian PGA Professionals and NGCOA Canada owners and operators work collaboratively everyday at golf facilities across Canada; delivering world-class golf experiences to golfers at varying ages and skill levels. These key partnerships showcase the skill sets of both Canadian PGA professionals and NGCOA Canada owners and operators at each facility and serve to provide leadership within the golf industry- both here in Canada and on the world golf stage,” states Gary Bernard, Executive Director of the Canadian PGA

The NGCOA Canada and the Canadian PGA look forward to working together in further developing key benchmarking tools for the Canadian golf industry.

About the NGCOA Canada
The National Golf Course Owners Association Canada is a not-for-profit trade association representing over 1300 golf facilities in Canada. The NGCOA Canada’s mandate is to provide business support to Canadian golf course operators and related stakeholders, presenting one united voice within the golf course industry.

About the Canadian PGA
The Canadian Professional Golfers' Association is a member based non-profit organization representing over 3,600 golf professionals across Canada. The Association was founded in 1911 which makes it the oldest professional golf association in North America. Canadian PGA members are knowledgeable and competent and, as a result, their expertise is sought and well respected.
Vision Statement: To work effectively together to provide leadership in the game and business of golf for direct and measurable benefit to members.
Mission Statement: The Canadian PGA develops, promotes and supports professionals in the game and business of golf. 
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