Golf Business Canada Conference Trade Show: November 15-17, 2018 - Calgary

Breakfast Keynote


Sunday, November 19
8:00 am – 9:30 am

Confederation I & Provinces Ballroom

Lodewijk Klootwijk
CEO, European Golf Course Owners Association


In his ongoing quest to grow the game of golf, Lodewijk has been exploring the reasons people continue to play this great game. First he thought it was better golf courses with faster greens  but that didn’t seem to work other than maybe poach golfers from competing courses down the street. And he found that people were still leaving golf even with better golf courses and better greens.

So as his journey continued to better understand a golfer’s decision-making process, Lodewijk decided that he needed to set his research scope outside of golf. He needed to explore what makes people stay or leave in general? Why are newcomers the first ones to leave? Why are the old buggers the one that stick around? His research uncovered that humans have a deeper need that needs to be fulfilled. What is that deeper need and how do we fulfill it? Apparently….it’s all about chemicals!

Guaranteed you will not be disappointed in this highly informative and highly energetic presentation. As a 25 year veteran of the golf industry, Lodewijk Klootwijk is passionate about growing the game of golf and is dedicated to finding what it takes to get and keep people into this great game!

Who is Lodewijk Klootwijk?

Lodewijk is chief executive of the European Golf Course Owners Association (EGCOA), an organization that represents 14 national owners associations and more than 900 courses in 21 countries in Europe. The Association was founded in 2004 and has three main goals: to grow the game of golf | to represent the European golf course owners | to professionalize the golf business.

He is also chief executive of the Dutch Golf Course Owners Association and is a member of the advisory council of the Golf Environment Organization, treasurer of the Dutch Turfgrass Research Foundation and member of the Education Policy Board of CMAE.

Lodewijk has been in the golf business since he graduated from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to becoming the chief executive of the EGCOA, he managed various golf courses in Holland.

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