Golf Business Canada Conference Trade Show: November 15-17, 2018 - Calgary

Opening Keynote


Saturday, November 18
1:45 pm – 3:15 pm

Confederation I & Provinces Ballroom

Andrew Davies
Director, WellPlayed and Former Golf Course Owner


As an owner operator in the Australian golf industry, Andrew brought his corporate background to the business of golf and sought out ways to drive revenue through effective marketing and revenue management. His experience led him to explore world markets and learn first-hand what was working, and why the industry has been slow to adopt proven strategies for revenue management.

Hear how an appreciation of human behaviour is critical to the success in setting the right price, and see great practical examples of golf businesses using tools and communications to drive their revenue lines upwards in golf markets around the world.

You’ll leave with some great tips on how to get started, and if you’re already actively managing your revenue, you’ll see the path to becoming a master of the game.

Who is Andrew Davies?

Before becoming the Director of the Golf Business Group, which operates WellPlayed Golf Business Consultancy and the Australian Golf Business Forum, Andrew was the CEO of a private family group which owned and operated Eagle Ridge Golf Course for 20 years. Eagle Ridge is a premier hybrid members and public access golf course located in Australia’s premier golf destination, the Mornington Peninsula. 

Andrew is a golf business specialist who has been involved with many WellPlayed projects, covering a wide range of golf facilities focused on strategic planning, business turnaround and facility master-planning. He was a pioneer in dynamic pricing of tee-times in Australia and is well recognized as being a strong proponent that the increasing adoption of technology and marketing is crucial to the industry’s ongoing success at attracting golfers to clubs and facilities. 

Strategic insights and considered action were key focuses of Andrew’s operations at Eagle Ridge, and he brings a high level of corporate focus and marketing skillset to the business of golf. 

A regular speaker on golf business, Andrew is a passionate advocate for the need for all golf facilities to operate successful and prosperous business models in order to promote the game of golf.  

Andrew delivered his pricing insights to the 2016 Golf Business Forum (Melbourne), 2016 European Golf Course Owners Association Golf Business Conference (Amsterdam) and 2016 Norwegian Golf Course Owners Association national conference (via webinar). 

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