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General Manager

General Manager Job Description and Responsibilities

Position Summary:

The General Manager of Fort William Golf and Country Club (FWGCC) will be responsible for the Club’s day-to-day operations, reporting directly to the club’s President. This position is responsible for all aspects of the club’s management, with special attention given to clubhouse operations, leadership, food and beverage management, event planning and maximizing overall member satisfaction.

This position will create, implement and monitor the club’s budgets and be accountable for the overall profitability and financial management. This position will develop and collaborate on an ongoing marketing plan to attract new members and events to FWGCC. This position will represent FWGCC within the community, local businesses, and industry.

Key Success Factors:

  • This position is a decision-maker within the overall management of FWGCC. This position will take responsibility/ownership and share in the club’s overall success.
  • This position is highly visible to FWGCC’s members, guests and staff. Listening to their input, praise, and constructive criticisms toward constant improvement will lead to outstanding outcomes.
  • Candidates will be considered that have experience in the areas of:
    • Golf Course Management (Low to medium priority)
    • Financial Management (High Priority)
    • Marketing Planning and Competitive Analysis (Medium priority)
    • Vendor Relationship Management (Medium priority)
    • Human Resources Management (High Priority)
    • Project Management (Low priority)
    • Process Management (Low priority)
    • Information Technology (Medium priority)
    • Public speaking, business writing and meeting facilitation (Medium priority)
    • Food and Beverage Operations Management (Medium to high priority)


Job Responsibilities: Financial

  • Creation of annual budget for all departments
  • Meet annual budget to include accountability for the Director of Golf and Golf Course Superintendent.
  • Manage the club’s financial health with regular reporting to the Board of Directors.
  • Asset management.
  • Revenue and expense management.
  • Provide financial oversight for all capital purchases.
  • Develop a marketing plan to generate new revenues.
  • Assist Department heads in their capital budget prioritization deliberation, and
  • Coordinate this process through the Board of Directors approval process.
  • Manage the operating budget clearly, understanding P&L.


Job Responsibilities: Operations and Human Resources

  • Responsible for overall membership services to ensure an outstanding experience for members and guests.
  • Serves as the Clubhouse and Food / Beverage Manager
  • Serves as the Facility Manager for the entire property.
  • Oversees the development and successful implementation of all marketing and member relations programs.
  • Attends regular meetings of the club’s committees and provides advice and recommendations where appropriate. Serves as an ex-officio member of the club committees and the Board of Directors.
  • Develop and Implementation of a Capitol Improvement plan.
  • Manage the following positions and all related supporting staff, Office Staff, Director of Golf and Golf Course Superintendent, Lounge Manager and Event Coordinator.
  • Maintains all approved club by-laws, policies and procedures, including but not limited to; general, operational, membership and personnel policies. Recommends changes to such by-laws, policies, and procedures when necessary.
  • Manages policies and procedures related to FWGCC employees, including but not inclusive of; benefits administration, record keeping and performance evaluations.
  • Directly lead our clubhouse operations, ensuring the highest quality and standards of food, beverage, catering, and related services.
  • Provide an annual report to the Board of Directors and include results of staff Performance appraisals and salary/bonus recommendations.
  • Improves and maintains the club’s website to ensure the site attracts outside club interaction and provides member service information in an easy-to-use experience.
  • Support and monitor the processes to attract new members and revenue-creating events. These activities are developed in collaboration with FWGCC management staff and supporting committees.
  • Develop, maintain, and disseminate a fundamental management philosophy that recognizes our staff as a key part of our sustainable competitive advantage and outstanding membership services.
  • Manage and clearly define direct reports’ goals and objectives. Providing consistent feedback towards continuous improvements.
  • Develop and monitor basic Human Resource policies consistent with the Board of Directors desire always to treat employees fairly and compliant with laws and regulations.
  • Provide quality communications with the club’s President, Board of Directors, employees, and members.


Job Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration, hospitality management or related field of study from a university or college, minimum of 3 years experience in golf course management preferred; solid computer skills including MS Office.
  • Previous experience in managing an operating budget with P&L responsibilities.
  • Previous management experience, including managing direct reports.
  • Expertise in service excellence and high-end recreational programs.
  • Direct experience managing food and beverage operations as well as special events preferred
  • Excellent communication skills.

NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. General Manager may perform other related duties to support FWGCC and the Board of Directors.

Interested candidates should send resumes to: Bernie Blake at

Fort William Golf & Country Club