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Director of Operations

Director of Operations Advertisement

The Grande Prairie Golf & Country Club is looking for an experienced Director of Operations.

The successful applicant will organize and oversee the daily operations of our company. You will ensure that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching our people.

The responsibilities with this position are wide ranging.

The ideal candidate must be competent and able to plan many different kinds of operational activities. The candidate must be an excellent leader with the expectation being to efficiently run our business.

The ideal candidate must possess proven leadership skills as well as a strong ability to problem solve and make sound decisions that will promote the growth of the golf course. The successful candidate must have a strong business background and some HR experience. Golf experience is an asset but not mandatory. A detailed job description follows.

1. The Director of Operations will be responsible for all the operations of the Club.

2. The DO will manage all systems and processes that the Club uses on a daily basis. Planning and monitoring of the day-to-day business operations will be a key component and will include the following jobs:

  • Coding of expense items to be posted to the payables ledger
  • Authorizing payment of invoices
  • Reviewing payroll
  • Authorizing all deposits
  • Monthly reviewing of receivables in order to keep the A/R current

3. The DO will be responsible for implementing existing Club policies and for creating new policies for Board approval when prudent.
4. The DO will be responsible for budgeting revenue and expense in accordance with the goals established by the Board of Directors and in consultation with the Audit Committee. The DO will work with senior management in the development of financial and budgetary plans.
5. The DO will develop long term operational strategies.
6. The DO will work closely with senior management to meet Club objectives.
7. The DO will ensure the company runs with legality and conformity to established regulations.
8. The DO will review financial information on a continual basis and adjust operational budgets to promote profitability.
9. The DO will directly supervise senior management and provide constructive feedback. The DO will indirectly be responsible for all Staff of the Club.
10. The DO will be in compliance with the Club’s Governance Policy Manual at all times.
11. The DO will report to the Board of Directors on a monthly basis or any other time at the Board’s discretion.
12. The DO will be responsible for all Human Resources and the implementation of HR policies.
13. All hiring and firing decisions must be approved by the DO.
14. The DO will be responsible for all member concerns and complaints and the resolution of such.
15. The DO will be responsible, with approval of the Audit Committee, for the setting of membership prices, tournament prices and green fee prices.
16. The DO will handle all member concerns and complaints and take appropriate action when required.
17. The DO will monitor employee production and satisfaction. The DO will set team and individual goals.

Résumé’s may be sent to
Deadline: Friday, November 25, 2022


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