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It may seem quite odd to be talking about golf shows in September however, we all know that as soon as August is over, the days get shorter and the months fly by and sooner than we know it, golf show season is back. For this reason, I suggest you begin planning your events while the season is still fresh and the solutions for next year are still simmering in your thoughts. There is no better time to strategize than while the season is still hot and you can visualize exactly what you would do differently or improve on for next season.

The GOLFSHOWs are incredible opportunities to get face-to-face with your customers while they are anxious to get out and play their first round of the season. Having the right setup, the right approach and the right promotions are highly important and those who prepare accordingly achieve huge success and those who don’t, well let’s just say their season starts off far behind the starting line.

Here are some important notes regarding the GOLFEXPOs:

• Members must have their dues paid to receive member pricing

• Multi-show discounts are applied in the following manner:

o    5% off booth pricing if participation at 2 shows

o    10% off booth pricing if participating at 3 shows

o    15% off booth pricing if participating at 4 shows

• Members can choose from some of the select prime booth spaces such as corners and high traffic areas

• Sponsorship opportunities are available: You can benefit from over $100,000 in marketing value with a small investment and partner with the shows!

For additional details visit the show websites or contact me today at!


Mark Fraser
Regional Director

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Pierre Pelard
Member Relations Manager

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