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With winter settling in and facilities becoming quieter, I am often reminded of my past life as a golf course owner/hands-on operator and what I did at this time of year. Looking back at 30+ years of long winters, I wonder if I always did the right things for my business. There was lots of sprucing up buildings and fixing those nagging problems around the place but could I have used the time better?

Someone much wiser than me once said” are you working in your business or on your business?”

I realize in hindsight that I was guilty of working in the business, not working to grow and develop where necessary. As part of that shift I would suggest to you that a conversation with me over the next quiet period can help your business. I would like to speak with you and be sure that you are taking full advantage of your NGCOA Canada membership.

What if I said I can make you money in the course of our call?

What if I can help you either myself through my experiences or connect you to someone who has dealt with a problem similar to yours?

Give me a shout and put me to the test.

Grab a beverage of choice, fire up your computer and call me today. Let’s get to work on your business together. Call me at 1-866-626-4262 extension 26.


Jim Thompson
Regional Director-Atlantic Chapter &
Director, Member Services

Toll Free: (866) 626-4262 ext. 26





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