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Now that the season is coming to a close, would you have an hour to help your bottom line? Contact me for a Golfmax Audit. We will review your 2020 Golfmax Purchase Statement, current suppliers you use, and our Golfmax Handout Supplier Portfolio with the goal of finding savings opportunities for your operation. Atlantic Chapter member, Le Portage Golf Club always stays on top of their purchasing and use of Golfmax suppliers and Pat Laderoute, GM at the course notes.

"I keep up to date on new programs and benefits through the enews and magazine and by contacting Jim to go over anything that might help our business. Over the winter, we calculate what the cost savings would be if we switched to a Golfmax Supplier from a current supplier. In most cases, it is more beneficial, and I have the time to negotiate and sample products, etc. For me, the bottom-line is the bottom-line. It should be for you too, which means, you may have to take another look. Our Grand & Toy savings alone pays for our NGCOA Canada membership."

If you have any questions, or are ready to book your audit, don’t hesitate to contact me, Jim Thompson, at or 866-626-4262 ext. 26

What's Happening in Atlantic Canada?

That is the question I get asked most often by both member courses and golfers in Atlantic Canada. My answer this season has been one of very positive reviews in some areas and other regions struggling with lack of tourist traffic. Overall I believe our industry will come through this year on an upside with many facilities reviewing how they operate going forward. What is the most frequent positive feedback from our members? This year it has been focused on two of our biggest Golfmax programs: Moneris and Moosehead. If you are not taking advantage of these, PLEASE give me a call to discuss. They can easily save you thousands of dollars, even before the year ends. I recently returned a Moneris comparison to a golf course that showed a side-by-side savings of $1,800 a month. I know our program with Moosehead will see a savings of approximately 25% on your purchases.

Take a few minutes and call me at 866-626-4262 ext. 26 to discuss. I know we can help that bottom line today.

Jim Thompson, Regional Director

Jim Thompson
Regional Director-Atlantic Chapter &
Director, Member Services

Toll Free: (866) 626-4262 ext. 26





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