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Great news for the industry!
WorksafeBC agrees ROPS not needed for golf carts

Until recently, WorksafeBC was intending on making ROPS (Rollover Protection Structure) mandatory for golf carts, then in late Summer they cited only golf course workers will need to operate a golf cart with ROPS; assuming the golf course deems the property/area a risk for roll over, however excluding other non-golf course workers playing golf as part of their work duties.

Recently WorksafeBC has revised their proposed policy and have eliminated the need for ROPS for golf carts. This however does not include equipment such as beverage carts and other mobile equipment. WorksafeBC is hosting a series of public consultations across the province and you are welcome to attend these sessions.

NGCOA Canada British Columbia Chapter Board members will be in attendance at the Kamloops, Victoria and Richmond sessions and welcome any fellow course operators to join them. Anyone wishing to make an oral presentation must register prior. Click here for info, session dates and locations. Alternatively online feedback is also being accepted untill 4:30pm PST on November 22.

For the complete revised proposed amendment to Part 16 of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation click here.

Although it is great news that golf carts will not need ROPS, there are still a few items that require further clarification:

  • If an operator on a mower can see 360° is a mirror required? Sec 16.26
  • Does a turf-truckster/utility vehicle (e.g. Toro Workman) require “warning signal device” when hauling material? Sec 16.28
  • Define a “Golf Cart”. Does a cart modified with a utility box still classify as a cart? Sec 16.23 (2)
  • Clarify ride-on, sit-down turf care equipment heavier than 400 kg (882 lbs) manufactured after [date of coming into in force], 2020. Does this mean that all equipment under 400kg will never need ROPS or will all equipment regardless of weight need ROPS after 2020? Sec 16.34 (3) (c)
  • In the Definitions “significant risk of rollover” states anything over 10% slope is significant, when does a ME require wire or synthetic rope and an anchor required? After slope rating in Owner’s Manual? Example, a Toro 3100D Sidewinder Operator’s Manual states “As the slope angle increases to a Toro recommended maximum limit of 25 degrees (46.63%) the risk of a rollover increases to a moderate level.” Sec 16.15

At the meeting or via online feedback can also include comments on the review of Part 8: PERSONAL PROTECTIVE CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT. This is focusing on High Visibility and Distinguishing Apparel Sec 8.24 and workers working around mobile equipment. Subsection 2 details equipment moving 30 km/h or less requiring high visual (high vis) apparel meeting the standard of CSA Standard Z96-15 in Classes 1 to 3 depending on the site. Click here for details.

Two points for clarification:

  • Does a Golf Professional teaching on course (working) need high vis due to golf cart and golf maintenance mobile equipment?
  • What is the distance between equipment working and the need for high vis for workers on foot? Example, a worker on foot on green with a mower cutting a tee, fairway or rough on the same hole. 

If you have any questions on this matter please contact Erica Beck, Regional Director, NGCOA Canada - British Columbia Chapter.


Erica Beck
Regional Director

Direct: (778) 808-6711
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