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Another Liquor Licensing Win

During our lobbying initiatives in the Summer of 2016, we had asked for driving ranges and putting greens to be permissible areas for a golfer to consume an alcoholic beverage, as many clubs do not have these areas included in their liquor licensing (within the red line). At that time, even though we did win in one huge front and was allowed for golfers to transport alcohol purchased at the golf course across an unlicensed area to make it to the licensed golf course and back; we were advised at that time that we will still not permitted to include practice areas as a licensed area.

Now due to an earlier policy change when new regulations to the Liquor Control Licensing Act were introduced which allows for the licensing of secondary facilities in the Province of British Columbia such as beauty salons, barber shops and retail stores: that the Liquor Branch will now permit golf courses to license and have included in their licensed areas, putting greens, practice areas and driving ranges.  In order to do this, you must submit a structural change application ($440) to the Liquor Branch to amend the terms and conditions of the license and the associated floor plans (valid on liquor primary licenses). 

I have been advised that golf courses in BC can now take benefit from this and if you move forward on these structural change applications at this point in time, they could have it in place for next Spring.  To process a structural change application through the Liquor Branch takes about 3 to 4 months.  There is no need for a resolution of local government in that the capacity and the hours are not changing.  It is just an application to have these areas included.  I have been in contact with a liquor licensing consultant, Bert Hick, at Rising Tide Consultants, and would suggest if you require assistance on the application process to speak to him directly at: 604-669-2928 or

Erica Beck, Regional Director
NGCOA Canada - British Columbia


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