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Tax Fairness: Your Chapter President Brings new attention to the issue
Together We Can Make A Change
Minimum Wage Increase on May 1st
Golf Being Recognized as Unique Sporting Venue under Bill 44

Tax Fairness: Your Chapter President Brings new attention to the issue

Your new Quebec Chapter President is bringing renewed attention to the issue of golf as a deductible expense for businesses in Quebec.  Through her recent interview in Golf Martial Lapointe (available in French only) and meeting with the MP for Quebec, as well as other political figures, Nadia Di Menna is making sure that the issue of Golf as an Allowable Business Expense is front of mind with the Quebec government. You too can help ensure that this issue remains in the forefront by contacting your local MP and media and ensuring your voice is heard.  Click here to access materials available on this issue.


Together We Can Make A Change

Following National Golf Day held May 29th in Ottawa, we want to encourage the greatest number of our members in Quebec to solicit your local MP and to make them aware of the importance of the golf industry to the Quebec economy. Please see the documents below prepared for National Golf Day to assist you. We hope to count on your participation and the commitment you will get from your local MP on this issue (golf as an eligible business expense) which is so important to the golf industry. We thank you for your support.



Minimum Wage Increase on May 1st

On May1st, the minimum wage in Quebec will increase by 75¢, bringing it to $12/hour. Workers who make the minimum wage with tips will also see a 35¢ increase, bringing the total up to $9.80 per hour.

For more information, please click here.


Golf Being Recognized as Unique Sporting Venue under Bill44

NGCOA Canada is pleased to announce that the government’s official position statement regarding Bill 44 as it pertains to golf includes a designation for golf courses as a unique sporting venue. This means that Bill 44 will only pertain to your clubhouse, patio, or other permanent structures on your course. The NGCOA Canada is proud to have been a leader in working with the government to inform them about the unique nature of a golf operation and to achieve such a favourable outcome for golf course owners, operators and the clients that would have been affected.  

Click here to download the Official Position Statement (available in French only).

I am proud of the NGCOA Canada for following up with the government and getting golf recognized as a unique situation versus all other sports. This represents large sums of money that we will not have to invest in signage and allows us to keep our golf courses free from the visual contamination that the signage would have created” says Daniel Pilon, president of the NGCOA Canada, Quebec Chapter.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me should you have any questions. 

Kind Regards,

Pierre Pelard, Regional Director
NGCOA Canada - Quebec Chapter
1-866-626-4262 extension 35


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