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The more people we get playing golf, the better for the future of the game and the industry.


Identified by the NGCOA Canada Board of Directors as a key area upon which to focus our energy; growing the game falls directly in line with the mandate of the NGCOA Canada – to help operators realize more profitable facilities – and is the key purpose of the events and initiatives coordinated by the association’s Grow the Game department.

The following two programs are offered free of charge to NGCOA Canada members! Click on the links in the sidebar for more information on our grow the game initiatives.

   Take A Kid To The Course • Begins July 5th 2021 |


     National Initiative To Encourage Junior & Family Golf    

A national grow the game initiative geared to encourage junior and family golf at NGCOA Canada member facilities. Each year close to 700 courses participate in this program.
Golf course responsibility
• Offer one round of free golf to children, under 16 who are accompanied by a paying adult
What’s in it for YOU? 
• Free NGCOA Canada members only program
• Opportunity to grow golfer participation at your course 
• Free marketing tool kit — electronic and hard copy posters, banners, text cards, sample ads, sample press releases, sample web banner ads, etc.
• Course listing with links to participating facilities on
Make it your own and improve your bottom line
• Offer a non-intimidating, fun and low cost approach to expose new and occasional golfers to your facility
• Don’t want to offer the program during your busiest times — restrictions are allowed
• Be unique — create additional offers that compliment the Program (free range balls, food and beverage discounts and parent-child tournaments)
• Supported by the PGA of Canada
For more information on the program please contact Jordan Vizena, Membership & Events Coordinator at 866-626-4262 extension 32 or


   Get Golf Ready

     National Adult Player Development Program

Get Golf Ready is a nationally branded adult player development program offered jointly by the NGCOA Canada and the PGA of Canada.
The Goals
• Grow YOUR bottom-line
• Bring people into golf in a fast, fun and gratifying way
• Bring former golfers back to the sport
The Program
• 5 lessons for $99 + tax ( suggested price )
• Get non and occasional golfers on the course quickly and with confidence
• Lessons offered by PGA of Canada Professionals
What’s In It for YOU?
• Free program in a box to help you grow your business with a target market that has disposable income NOW
• Free hard copy and online marketing tool kit
• Detailed curriculum and handbook for the instructor
• Free listing on
The Proof it works
• 100% of program participants will continue to play golf.
• Average spend after the clinics is approximately  $715.00.
• Average 11 rounds played in year one after completing the clinics
Adults have immediate disposable income — get them comfortable with the game now and keep them golfing and buying equipment at your facility for years to come!
With all these benefits, it’s easy to start building your customer base today. For more information on the program please contact Jordan Vizena, Membership & Events Coordinator at 866-626-4262 extension 32 or





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