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Why e-news?

Did you realize that printing a hard copy of a member newsletter can take up to 10 working days before even being ready to mail? Add to this that you need time leading up to press to collect, write and edit the content and the information is old before it even goes into the mail – and THEN it takes up to a week to get to you via snail mail!
We don’t want our members to wait for their information anymore. Plain and e-simple.
We also want to accomplish a number of key things:

  • We want you to have easy links to registration and participation information on key events and initiatives of the association
  • We want you to know exactly what is happening close to home in your chapter, as it is happening
  • We want to streamline communications so that we don’t send separate emails, but one monthly essential update
  • We want you to know how to save money at your operation through the supplier deals within the Golfmax Purchasing Program
  • And as always, and most importantly…we want to help you run more efficient and profitable facilities!

Words of encouragement
We strongly encourage you to supply us with an active e-mail address so that we can keep you up to date on all that is going on within the Association and the Industry. We want to encourage members to obtain an email address to be able to receive these time-sensitive updates, and barring that, would encourage you to see who, at your operation, is able to access this information for you. We would be more than happy to send the NGCOA Canada E-News to whomever you designate as the intended recipient.

Getting the Goods
We want the value of your membership with the NGCOA Canada to far surpass your expectations.

By letting you in on all the most timely activities, programs, initiatives and events of the NGCOA Canada, and giving you the opportunity each month to get involved and benefit from the best your association has to offer, we can strengthen the community of operators we have gathered in regions across Canada.

Let us know what you think and keep us updated at all times of your preferred email address. 

Here’s to good business and GETTING the GOODS!  

As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions on this latest communications tool. Contact us at (613) 226-3616 or toll free (866) 626-4262 or NGCOA Canada.



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