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NAGA Demands Tax Fairness for Canada’s Golf Industry During Recent Parliament Day

On November 29th, NAGA partners along with each Associations’ president were on Parliament Hill to repeat the industry’s call for tax fairness and to engage with Ministers, MPs, and other stakeholders to ensure an overall awareness of the golf industry prior to the 2017 budget.

The Parliament Hill Day resulted in numerous productive meetings including the Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, Gudie Hutchings; Parliamentary Secretary for National Revenue, Emmanuel Dubourg; and Speaker of the House of Commons, Geoff Regan, as well as with staff at the Opposition Leader’s Office and National Revenue and Finance.  

Our goal to achieve awareness of this crucial issue was achieved, especially by Liberal members, the majority of whom are first comers to the House of Commons, only recently being elected in October 2015. 

It’s important to note that Members of Parliament from all parties were supportive of the proposal with several MPs offering to send follow-up letters of support to the Minister of Finance. Some even offered themselves as champions of the industry.    

Going forward, the goal is to have this tax change included in the 2017 Federal budget. In support of that, we ask all golf stakeholders to engage their local elected Member of Parliament to contact the Minister of Finance by mail, email, or in person in order to make their voice known on this issue. See below for document you can download to help you prepare for these important meetings with your local Member of Parliament.

The Issue

Canada’s $14 billion golf industry continues to push the federal government to restore tax fairness and allow golf to compete on a level playing field with other client entertainment industries. Due to a 1971 federal tax reform, golfing expenses are explicitly excluded from allowable business expenses, despite the fact that firms are able to claim 50 per cent of the costs of meals, concert tickets, and other forms of client entertainment much less effective than rounds of golf.

Support is Growing

Two well-known associations, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), both organizations with massive memberships;have put forward their support for this issue in letters sent to the Hon. Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance.

Click here to download and read the CFIB letter of support.

Click here to download and read the TIAC letter of support.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has also put forward their support of this issue and have adopted Golf’s Entertainment Lobby efforts as an issue they will push forward with government on behalf of their 108K members.

Your Help is Critical to a Successful Outcome!

To achieve success in amending the tax code and increasing our visibility; we ask all golf stakeholders to engage their local elected Member of Parliament to contact the Minister of Finance by mail, email, or in person to make their voice known on this issue.

Tools Available

We are happy to assist by providing any materials and training as needed:

Click here to download the brand new grassroots advocacy kit
Click here to download the MP leave behind kit.
Click here  to easily identify and locate your MP(s).
Click here to access a sample letter for MPs to forward to the Finance Minister.
Click here for speaking points from the latest parliament hill day.

We hope we can count on you to get involved and engage your local MP on this important issue for the golf industry. Thank you for your support.


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