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NGCOA Canada's Rounds Played & Weather reporting system is exclusive to its membership; short monthly surveys delivering powerful results. 

Participate and receive FREE Reports

What is it?

• National – Provincial – Regional rounds played calculations and weather reporting
• Based on 18 hole equivalent facilities
• YTD and Year-over-Year comparisons
• Minimum of 5 courses required for regional reports
• Confidential – no other courses see your data
• Exclusive to NGCOA Canada Members

Why participate?

• Remove the guesswork; KNOW how you are doing compared to your regional competitive set.
• The FREE monthly report showing regional, provincial, & national aggregated data along with weather patterns will:
    • help you make educated decisions based on actual and real-time data
    • define your true success in any given month
    • provide you with data to see how you are doing next to your competitive set
• Receive year-over-year comparable rounds played data.

How does it work?

• Surveys are sent via email on the 1st Tuesday of each month.
• Surveys close for data entry on the 4th Tuesday of each month.
• Reports are emailed to participating courses the first week of the following month.
• Reports show regional (when minimum 5 courses participate), provincial & national aggregated data.

What information do we need from you for the survey?

• Your Postal Code
• Number of Holes
• Number of Rounds Played in the month
• Your weather scoring for weekdays and weekends
• Identify an email address to send the reports to

All data remains strictly confidential; only aggregated summaries will be disclosed.


The NGCOA Canada Revenue Tracker report is a FREE benchmarking report sent monthly by email to all NGCOA Canada members.  

Monthly Benchmarking Reporting delivered exclusively by NGCOA Canada

What is it?

• National benchmarking data derived from over 500 Canadian golf facilities
• Data represents total Visa, MasterCard, and Debit revenues from all departments
• Data is expressed as either percentage increase/decrease – not as a revenue figure ensuring member confidentiality
• Report does not include cash revenue
• MTD and YTD comparisons

Why participate?

• Remove the guesswork; KNOW how you are doing compared to your competitive set.
• The FREE monthly report will:
    • help you make educated decisions based on actual and real-time data
    • define your true success in any given month
• Receive year-over-year comparable benchmarking data.

What information do we need from you for the survey?

• No effort from courses as data comes directly from Moneris – Canada’s largest payment processor.


Clichere for a sample report.

The NGCOA Canada has partnered with Golf Datatech to expand its research portfolio to include Retail Benchmarking Reports. Golf Datatech have been delivering these reports to golf courses and major manufacturers in the US for 20 years and are considered the leading source of golf retail research by industry leaders. Sign Up's FREE!


Make Better Decisions and Maximize Your Sales! 

What is it?

• Customized monthly reports that will include valuable data on aggregate units sold and average selling prices for all top selling
brands of drivers, fairways, hybrids, irons, putters, wedges, gloves, balls, and apparel.
• Exclusive to participating courses

Why participate?

• The ability to compare your merchandise sales with industry standards and to react accordingly on pricing and inventory to
• Gain monthly expert insight, data & trend information on top selling golf product categories.
• Gain a better fact-based knowledge of trends.

How does it work?

• Courses must complete the Golf Datatech Canadian Retail Report Registration Form.
• Data is collected from POS systems of participating retailers.
• All individual operator data remains entirely confidential.
• Reports are compiled and distributed monthly to participating courses only.
• Reports include data on aggregate units sold and average selling prices.

POS Providers

TEE-ON • Chronogolf • Clubsystems • Club Prophet Systems (ProShop Keeper) • Jonas • Integrated Business Systems (IBS) • GolfNow (Fore Reservations) • Clubessential (ClubSoft) • Crescent Systems • EZLinks • Handicomp • Northstar Technologies •, Smyth Systems • TAI Club Management • Users Friend • Vermont Systems • Yellow Dog Software • ForeUp

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As a NGCOA Canada member, you now have the advantage when it comes to hiring and managing that huge expense line item – SALARIES.         

Are your key staff positions being fairly rewarded or overpaid? Although salary is not the sole determining factor in job satisfaction it is an important one, and the NEWLY RELEASED 2016 NGCOA Canada Compensation and Benefits Report serves as an excellent reference when making those decisions.


Ensuring that you are offering competitive compensation to your management team is sure to decrease turnover of key staff and help keep training costs to a minimum.          

The 2016 Report provides detailed compensation and benefits information on 14 specific management positions in Administration, Turf & Maintenance, Pro Shop, and Food & Beverage departments.

The compensation numbers are broken down by:

  • size and type of facility,
  • rounds played,
  • gross revenues,
  • tax status and geographical location.

The user-friendly tables will make it easy for you to scroll down find what you should be paying for management positions based on your geographical locations, size and type of facility.

The Report includes:

  • compensation data;
  • pay administration practices;
  • payment of gratuities, bonuses, and incentives;
  • scope of benefit programs;
  • working arrangements (ex. seasonal employment);
  • training, supervision, conformity to labour laws;
  • identification of attraction and retention issues and other organizational challenges.

Don’t be without this important business tool! It will help ensure that your negotiations are solid and that you are minimizing your turnover, a costly endeavour for any business owner.

ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY by calling the NGCOA Canada at 1-866-626-4262 or email us at

NGCOA Canada Member Pricing: $279 + Tax / Non-Member Pricing: $359 + Tax

This Economic Impact of Golf in Canada study was conducted by Strategic Networks Group, the same research firm who did the 2009 study for NAGA; and is based upon 2013 golf data derived from two surveys: a golfer survey of 15,000 and a golf course operator survey of 300.
For more information on the 2014 economic impact study, please click on the links below.
The previous study released August 2009 has become one of the most referenced documents by all segments of the Canadian golf industry. Click here to view the 2009 Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study. 

National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA) is a national organization that consists of the Canadian Golf Industry Association (CGIA), Canadian Golf Superintendents Association (CGSA), Professional Golfers Association of Canada (PGA of Canada), National Golf Course Owners Association Canada (NGCOA Canada), Royal Canadian Golf Association (RCGA), who are all working towards improving all areas of golf in Canada. Formed in 1999, NAGA members work together as leaders in the industry to ensure a bright future for golf in Canada.

Match Your Future Marketing Plans to Consumer Behaviour

In September 2012, the National Allied Golf Associations Canada (NAGA) released the Canadian Golf Consumer Behaviour Study. The Study, which provides statistical and predictive insight will serve as a learning resource for the golf industry. Read the Study today to see how to match your future marketing plans to consumer behavior. 


Available Through The Members' Only Section

A Standard Chart of Accounts has been developed for use by NGCOA Canada members. While this document is not intended to replace your currently used accounting documents, incorporating this newly developed Standard Chart of Accounts will allow NGCOA Canada Research staff to report on financial benchmarks which could prove extremely beneficial to operators. The document is available through the “Members Only” section. 

Staff from the NGCOA Canada are available to assist you at all times. Please help us to help you become a better and more educated operator by taking part in the our research initiatives.

For further information or assistance, please contact: 

Nathalie Lavallée
NGCOA Canada
(866) 626-4262 ext. 15



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