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 Celebrate with me in Ottawa this November!

I remember back almost 30 years ago when I was a young naïve golf course operator whose father had just passed away, all of a sudden I was responsible for the family golf business.  I found myself with endless questions, and wondering if I was doing the right things to run our golf business.  I was a member of the local turf grass association, we had no golf professional, and I didn’t feel that any other existing association in the golf space was a “right fit for our modest golf club that was barely 18 holes.  I found my questions unfulfilled and needing more answers. 

What I discovered was other golf owners in Ottawa wanted the same questions answered and that need for knowledge grew into the most successful and vibrant golf association in Canada under the stewardship of 67 board members across Canada steered by the entrepreneurial excellence of our CEO Jeff Calderwood.

As the founding President of NGCOA Canada, I can say I have never stopped learning in the golf business. Our course has never stopped evolving and re-inventing itself. Over that time the single best learning resource I have ever had, hands down has been attending the NGCOA Canada Annual Conference with my team!

As your 2017 conference chair let me say: Trust me, this will be the best conference you have ever attended!! The stars have aligned and we will be celebrating NGCOA Canada’s 25th Anniversary, which is no small feat in itself, and will be reason to come on its own.  It is also conveniently Canada’s 150th Anniversary so come for an extra day or two and enjoy Ottawa the Capital of this great country. But best of all it will be the one time in 2017 that the all of the stars in the Canadian golf industry (You) will be together sharing and comparing so that we all may capitalize in 2018.

I urge you to invest in your future; don’t be the one getting left behind!

See you in Ottawa!


Mark Seabrook
Founding NGCOA Canada President
Canadian Golf & Country Club
Ottawa, Canada

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